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Scald “Will of the Gods is a great power” Scald Double LP, black, limited silver/red, limited white/black with booklet
Supremacy of Chaos Thy Serpent's Cult 250 copies on CD
tsc supremacy of chaosCOVER
Onori Funebri Rituali Tenebrae in Perpetuum 200 copies on vinyl + 89 tapes
La Genesi: 2001-2002 Tenebrae in Perpetuum 500 copies on cd / 200 copies on vinyl

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MZ.412 / TREPANERINGSRITUALEN – X Post Industriale / Rituals 2015 e.v. 2xLP PRE-ORDERS On October 31 2015 MZ.412 and TREPANERINGSRITUALEN performed two memorable “Rituals” at OEC’s label festival the “X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE” at Club Kindergarten in Bologna – Italy. Those sounds are finally fixed into solid and heavy vinyl […]

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TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM Onori Funebri Rituali 200 copies on vinyl with insert (120 available) and 89 tape protape/procover but no case La Genesi: 2001-2002 available too on pre-order, same quantity Check the eshop here: Digital sales available on 19/03 and we hope to get 90 shirts of Onori for […]

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MZ.412 “Burning the temple of God” available on pre-order

Proud to distribute another masterpiece re-pressed on vinyl: AnnapurnA is proud to present Mz.412’s classic Burning the Temple of God on deluxe vinyl format. Originally released in 1996 by the pivotal Cold Meat Industry but extremely rare to find on vinyl ever since, Burning the Temple of God is widely […]

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