Asphyx "Asphyx" DLP

Finally on double vinyl including demo 95" as bonus tracks
Wholesale available (black 140 grm, coloured 180 grm)
Pre-orders retail on 21/11/2014

black vinyl 2LPs (140g)
black vinyl 2LPs (180g)
coloured vinyl 2LPs (180g)
splatter vinyl (180g)


Releases date Nov/Dec 2014
LVTHN / LLUVIA - "Illuminantes Tenebrae" 7"
Across oceans our hunt unites and sparks fires for the deconstruction. Those who seek truth will find it in the darkness, those who fail will be burnt by the golden word. Illuminantes Tenebrae is made possible by Fallen Empire Records, Amor Fati Productions and Ordo MCM, and is visually presented by Brianvdp.

LVTHN "The Grand Uncreation" mcd
"The outset and intent of our vessel has been accumulated in the release of 'The Grand Uncreation' MCD. The first expressions and an additional testimonial are compiled to present a glance into what LVTHN is and what it will become. 'The Grand Uncreation' is made possible by Amor Fati Productions and Ordo MCM And is visually presented by Brianvdp. Gratitude goes out to the mighty KTHRSS for the permission to release our testimony."

TSC "Sedition, sorcery and blasphemy"

The cd has been released, check it out this great review for better info: VOICES FROM THE DARK SIDE



Asphyx "Asphyx" DLP

Asphyx "Asphyx" double LP with Promo 95" as bonus tracks, in progress


LVTHN and Electrocution

LVTHN vinyl 7" is available
Orders here: 7"
Electrocution pre-orders available too

Sample here: Electrocution
Official video: Video
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The debut demo from LVTHN is now set to be re-released as a vinyl 7" in cooperation between Amor Fati, Fallen Empire and Ordo MCM.
The vinyl version will be released in May, but a full stream / download is currently available from Fallen Empire Bandcamp.
BANDCAMP: http://bandcamp.fallenempirerecords.com/album/adversarialism
LVTHN is currently working on material for a full-length LP and a split 7".


Release / Statement

Ante Cryst "1682" cd out on Yule in April

As advanced the label now is making his own roster, it means new bands and new releases; this doesn't mean we will stop to re-release albums but of course our efforts will be more focus on supporting the bands that believed in our ambitious challenge. When Ordo has been launched in 2003 the idea was to use only an email to distribute the albums we bought wholesale having in mind the "true underground" and following the example of labels like Painiac or Niessedrion or DUKE. When we started to produce re-released we tried to keep a low profile but unfortunately seems people wants to be informed about everything and all the details instead of trying to search, that's probably why there is someone that paid more than 30 euro for a release that we have still in stock for 15 euro. Even if we re-released great bands/albums, we are still paying the duty to our will to follow "old traditions" in distribution, Ordo is basically not so well know label. Last year, once we've agreed to face a new challenge signing bands, we've decided to use all the channels to promote and to distribute our future releases, this is simply because we're grateful to the bands believed in us and we need to use all our skills to spread their music and message. We knew these channels, we've decided now to use its, these bands deserve full support from us. So starting from now people that wants to follow us, has the possibility to receive in advance information about our releases, it's enough to write us an email and you'll get something like a newsletter every time we will have a new release. We've opened a lot of discussion with bands but you can be sure we will not use your email for spam, we will simply send you an email about what we will release month by month. There will be black, death, doom and maybe thrash metal too, regarding black metal we will distribute other labels, Ordo is "opened" to almost all black metal style but we will distribute titles of another label that will release metal related to certain "themes and lyrics", we've always been selective on the choice of the title to distribute, we will be much more in the future. Thanks a lot for your support and time, really appreaciate, you're our true soul, thanks!


Cover revealed, "Sedition, Sorcery and Blasphemy" more news soon...


Aghast "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis"

Aghast is an old, cult Ritual Dark Ambient project from Norway hauting the Evil
Black LP and picture LP
A2 poster and insert
choice here: AGHAST

Finally again on vinyl! We will sell our last tapes together with the vinyls, release date November


Aghast "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis"

Aghast is an old, cult Ritual Dark Ambient project from Norway hauting the Evil
Limited 100 copies
Pro tape / Pro cover
available here: AGHAST

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MYSTIFIER "The world is so good that who made it doesn't live here"

Black Lp + limited blue LP
Released in cooperation with Nuclear War Now and Iron Bonehead



No time for updates but we had to tribute our "hails" to Jeff and the best metal band ever.

Mounrful Congregation "Tears from a grieving heart" DLP

Mournful Congregation are proud to once again see their debut full length, "Tears From a Grieving Heart" see the light of day
as a double gatefold LP released through ORDO MCM. Originally recorded in 1997 (completed in 1998),
and originally intended to be their debut album, fate would have it that this recording would not be 'officially' released until
2002, in which year it was released both on 12" LP limited to 300 copies by Painiac Records, and part of the double CD,
"The Dawning of Mournful Hymns" by Weird Truth Productions. Prior to this, it was available only as a dubbed promo tape,
delivered straight from the hands of the band themselves.


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YULE releases
Morte I - Bekëth Nexëhmü - De Dunkla Herrarna CD
Morte II - Grifteskymfning - Djävulens Boning 12"LP cooperation with Ancient Records
Morte III - URKAOS - Urkaos I MCD
Morte IV - Kaos Sacramentum - Scars of Revelation 12"LP cooperation with Ancient Records
Morte V - Kaos Sacramentum - Bloodcurse Stigmata 12"LP cooperation with Ancient Records

Retail orders:


Wholesale orders via email



20 years after it's initially release, 'Ignis Creatio' will be reissued. The originally 30 minute debut album will be delivered in two beautiful packagings. Both configurations are remastered and include three breathtaking, classically arranged bonus tracks with a total playing time, now of almost 50 minutes.

The CD edition contains:
- An amazing metal box with frosted artwork.
- An incredibly unique velvet inlay.
- A special color printed, 16 page-booklet.
- A semi-matt frosted CD.
- Limited to 500.

The vinyl edition contains:
- A gorgeous embossed gatefold cover, printed in special colors.
- Two heavyweight 45 rpm records.
- Two solid and special color printed inner sleeves.
- Delivered in a clear, stable polybag, that saves the packaging's beauty.
- A tremendous poster, 140cm high and 100cm wide, limited and numbered.
- A free download code to for high quality mp3.
- A certificate that proves the limitation.
- The vinyl itself is strictly limited:
- Transparent vinyl limited to 200
- Marble grace vinyl limited to 200
- Cathedral grey vinyl limited to 100, only!

- The Fire That Still Burns In Me (Bonus Track)
- Still Burn In Fire

- Created To Live Eternal (Bonus Track)
- Like Tears (In The Dust)

- On Soulwings
- Psalm 23 (Bonus Track)

- Underneath Orion's Sword
- Ignis Creatio

Release: January, 18th 2013

Pre-orders soon...


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We're sorry for it we tried to use the safe and cheap product for you but it's not possible for us to continue with it anymore.


Monads "Intellectus iudicat veritatem"
The album is out now, you can buy it from our e-shop.
Cheap wholesale available too.
Check on internet there are a good numbers of reviews.


After the release of their demos on double LP, we are really proud to announce the release of their first full lenght on double LP. Released by Painiac in 2001, this release will have the song "Empirical choirs", that's why we are going to offer you a double vinyl release.
Track list:
Side 1
Skyward Gaze - 9.41
Side 2
Re-memberance - 11.21
Side 3
Empirical Choirs - 7.26
Tears - 10.02
Side 4
Opal of the Stream - 13.10
Elemental - 0.53

No more info till now, we hope to release it before the end of this year, beginning 2013


Distribution agreement

We will be the official distributors of Yule, expect some releases soon


Kvist 1994-1996

Official tshirt approved by the band

Limited 84 pieces



FLORENCE, Italy - The exploration of Mortiis' classic "Era1" recordings continues this summer with the re-release of his 1995 album, "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent" by Italian label Ordo MCM on July 23.

"Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent" delves deeper into Mortiis' passion for creating dark, epic soundscapes, inspired by the unlikely combination of black metal, KISS/WASP, and Tolkien. "I always said those elements got thrown into a hotpot and out came Mortiis," he said.

Though the album's two tracks, "Reisene til grotter og Ødemarker" and "Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent," were recorded entirely using synths, the writing process behind the tracks was a much more organic experience.

"I wasn´t using sequencers or any other means of recording parts and ideas as I went along, so everything was by ear and making notes," Mortiis said. "I'd come up with parts I liked, and keeping those in mind I'd come up with other parts that I thought would layer correctly on top. It was all about remembering things. I used a color-coding system when I wrote the music down. It wasn't sheet music or notations of any sort, just me writing down the name of the sound in blue, red, green, or whatever, and also the settings for each sound in brackets, like amount of reverb, release, decay, et cetera. I only really owned one synth, which was a cheap Roland JV30 - real entry level stuff, but it had some good sounds on it."

"Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent" will be distributed in the US by Hells Headbangers (www.hellsheadbangers.com) and 20 Buck Spin (www.20buckspin.com). The release will be available in Europe via the Mortiis website and Ordo MCM website (www.ordomcm.com).

Other interested distributors get in touch for wholesale price.

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Both releases available, from NOW

Electrocution released this masterpiece 20 years ago, now finally available even if in a limited edition.
Gatefold with inner sleeve containing pictures taken in the early 90", this is an unique chance to get this wonderful album.

Klage der Nacht/Varganocte, last release of Geist, protape/procover limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Check in the distro

Mortiis / Electrocution


Nearly 20 years after its original release, cult-lengend Mortiis' "Ånden som Gjorde Opprør" will receive a limited edition vinyl re-release this summer via the Italian label Ordo MCM.

The record, recorded in 1994, is from what is now known as "Era1" in Mortiis' evolution, when the singly-named solo artist focused on creating epic synth tracks that evoked images of desolate landscapes and eerie atmospheres. Mortiis' music was a huge departure from the black metal scene he was largely involved in during his mid-teens, yet it retained a dark ambience that still appealed to the black metal elite, as well as fans of more experimental music and the gothic crowd.

Taking a cue from experimental/progressive acts like Tangerine Dream, Mortiis threw typical song structure to the wayside in favor of synth-laden soundscapes, of a length and grandeur that would limit "Ånden som Gjorde Opprør" to just two songs, "En mork Horisont" and "Visjoner av en Eldgammel Fremtid."

"Tangerine Dream pretty much singlehandedly got me into making music on synths," Mortiis said. "I was into stuff like Coil, Kraftwerk, Sleep Chamber, and Throbbing Gristle as well, but Tangerine Dream was the big thing for me."

The re-release of "Ånden som Gjorde Opprør" will be limited to 500 copies, with 250 available in standard black and 250 in special swirl-colored vinyl.


Electrocution reached cult status for their acclaimed 1993 album "Inside The Unreal", currently one of the most wanted death-metal records in the category, with fans and collectors all over the world scanning stores and the internet in search of rare copies. Formed in 1990 by singer/guitarist Mick Montaguti, Electrocution went through a few changes before reaching their best known line-up featuring Alex Guadagnoli on guitar, Max Canali on bass, Luca Canali on drums and Mick Montaguti on vocals/guitar. Through 1991 and 1992 the band released 2 demo-tapes that quickly set them apart for their impressive instrumental and songwriting skills. Their second demo, "The Real Doom" got them signed with Rosemary Records (Contempo/EMI) which released their debut full-length "Inside The Unreal" in the spring of 1993 (recorded in November 1992). The album was an instant success in sales and the buzz around Electrocution dramatically increased after their memorable live performances on tour with such bands as Death, Carcass, Benediction and Motorhead among others. "Inside The Unreal" was the first international, major distributed death-metal release for an Italian band and became a true milestone for fans and later inspired bands with its brutal and eclectic sound. In 1995 Electrocution evolved into a more experimental style and released a couple of 7" via Molten Metal Records. After a few line-up changes and a short period in the United States, the group officially disbanded in the beginning of 1997, just months before guitarist Alex Guadagnoli (who's also a singer and later charted producer) was selected for a studio-audition with multi-million selling gods Sepultura. Electrocution's original members were active in several projects during the last decade and currently reside in north Italy and southern California (Alex Guadagnoli). Rumors of a reunion for a brand new album are to be taken seriously after the band's recent signing with Aural Music Records (digipack) and Ordo MCM (vinyl) for the 20th Anniversary reissue of "Inside The Unreal", which includes bonus material and remastered audio at The Strands studio in Los Angeles.

Comment by guitarist Alex Guadagnoli: "Electrocution and "Inside The Unreal" apparently were never forgotten by death-metal fans and we thankfully felt this support and respect for 20 years now. We thought it's time to give something back, especially after watching the price of original used copies reaching $100 each on Amazon, and even those are sold out. We wanted to celebrate with our fans the 20th Anniversary of "Inside The Unreal" with a very special Limited Edition reissue, which also includes a deluxe vinyl version with never before seen pictures, restyled artwork and all songs remastered at The Strands studio in Los Angeles, California. We want to dedicate this reissue to our supporters and a special thanks goes to Ordo MCM for patiently working with us to make this vinyl edition possible."

Here below you can find the reviews for two of our releases, Voices from the darkside:



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Ciao M.F. see you again one day.
1978 - 2012


Mournful Congregation and Impious Baptism are now AVAILABLE.
Formed in 1993 for the purpose of creating and delivering Extreme Doom Metal upon this earth, the first steps of the doomest band, pure genuine DOOM in double heavy vinyl

Impious Baptism, after the demo the first sign on noble 7" of a band that will leave an influence in the black metal world. No doubt about it.

Check in the "DISTRO" page.

By the end of January we should be able to deliver to USA, Canada and Japan with tracked product at the following prices:
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We are honoured to annunce that Ordo MCM will release in cooperation with Hammerheart one of the best album of the black metal. Under ein blodraud maane will be released in vinyl format. During the discussion we faced some totally unexpected problems; we don't want to spread gossip, we've talked with Ccernn and this is enough for us. Only retail order here, we will get few copies in special edition blood red vinyl, only available through us. Manes are dead now, we will wait...



Sample: Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Deus Aderit



The End


"Weeping/ An Epic Dream of Desire"
The first 2 demo tapes recorded in 1994 and 1995 to be released on vinyl
double LP gatefold


"Poenitentiam Agite" gatefold 7"

Pure heretical black metal

Dolcinian - cover

ORDO MCM will distribute Impious Baptism demo tape in Europe

Impious - cover